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Prevent clogged gutters

GutterRX prevents clogged gutters by filtering the leaves, twigs and pine needles from the water, allowing the water to freely flow into your gutter and out the downspout.  GutterRX cover your gutter system therefore preventing birds and other small critters from building nests within your gutter system. 

Allow for maximum water flow

The Xtreme Gutter Guard screen system allows for maximum water flow; up to 22 inches per hour!

self cleaning system

The patent-pending ridges and multi-angle ports increase water flow and increase self-cleaning by promoting maximum airflow through the gutters.  

Ultra low profile

The unique design of the Xtreme Gutter Guard screen system includes a ultra low profile.  The Xtreme Gutter Guard screen system utilizes a drop-in design that is invisible from the ground and never interferes with your roofing material. 

Superior materials

The Xtreme Gutter Guard screen system uses only the best materials.  They are water resistant and resist corrosion.  

Xtreme Gutter Guard screens

The Benefits of XtremeGutter Guard Screens

​​Southern Minnesota Custom Gutter & Guards, LLC uses the Xtreme Gutter Guard screens. Xtreme Gutter Guard is a superior gutter screen that comes with a 20 year no clog warranty.  

-  The ridges make Xtreme Gutter Guard screens are self-cleaning by allowing air to flow.  Dry debris blows off the system with a slight breeze.

-  Xtreme Gutter Guard screens are made of 100% aluminum system. It will not warp or deteriorate.

​-  Xtreme Gutter Guard screens completely encloses your gutter so critters cannot build nests in your gutters.

-  Xtreme Gutter Guard screens do not interfere with your roof.