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Gutter "Screens"

We offer multiple gutter guard options

Whether you choose to install our Leaf Off gutter guard system, Xtreme Gutter Gurds or the Gutter Shingle, each of them are very reputable brands and are custom installed and guaranteed.  Your home or building will look great and will be protected from water damage.  In most cases, you should never have to climb a ladder to clean your gutters again.  Our gutter cover systems are available in many color options to match your home and roof. 

Gutter Guards

We use the Leaf Off brand of gutter guards.  This type of gutter offers protection from debris by physically covering the gutter and directing debris to flow over the gutter and to the ground while the water will flow into the gutter and to your down spouts.

Gutter Screens on the other hand, offer protection by "screening" out the debris. Extreme Gutter Guards are basically a perforated screen that is installed on top of your gutter.  The perforations allow water into the gutter while blocking out the debris.  

Another popular options is the Gutter Shingle.  The Gutter Shingle could be considered a hybrid of the gutter cover and gutter screens systems.  The Gutter Shingle combines the solid cover concept of a gutter guard and the conventional mesh design of a gutter screen.  

At Southern Minnesota Custom Gutters & Guards, LLC we offer a variety of top of the line, high quality gutter guard options to help you manage the debris that flies when the wind blows and the trees drop their seeds and leaves.  

There is a wide variety of options available to help you manage this debris effectively keeping your gutters clear and letting the water run smoothly to the down spouts.   At Southern Minnesota Custom Gutters & Guards, LLC we offer multiple solutions to this problem.  Our more popular options include the Leaf Off gutter guards, Xtreme Gutter Guard and the Gutter Shingle. All of them can be installed with your new seamless gutter system and in most cases, directly onto your existing gutters.  

Gutter Shingle

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